IW2000 - IR Window - electrical thermography
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IW3000 - IR Window - electrical thermography
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IW4000 - IR Window - electrical thermography
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The IW series is the latest generation of SMART IR windows from CorDEX Instruments. The IW series infrared windows work with any thermal imaging camera and help to achieve a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy in electrical inspection and preventive maintenance.

The infrared windows of the IW series are made of high-quality materials to withstand arcs. The latest standards for infrared windows have been tested and certified by independent institutes. Install the certified IW series SMART IR window to meet the NFPA70E and EN50110-1 2014 guidelines. With infrared windows, you perform a visual inspection and thermal imaging without carrying the necessary large and bulky PSA (Personal Protective Equipment).

Thanks to their intelligent design and other advantages, the IR windows of the IW series of CorDEX reduce the inspection time. With the ¼ turn closing system and the sprung cover, you save time per inspection. The IW series crystal disk is protected with FRYGYG ™ fog-proof windows, allowing installation both indoors and outdoors.

Each IR window of the IW series contains three unique identifiers for identification. Equipped with a uniqe RFID tag, a unique barcode and a printed number, each window is delivered at no extra charge. This simplifies workflows and remains secure in the future. Your documentation does not leave any room here. This allows you to uniquely identify the windows throughout the runtime. Should there be an error in the windows during the runtime, CordEX will guarantee the warranty for production defects for a lifetime.

By installing the IW Series infrared windows, you may never need to open a switch cabinet again. Inspections can be carried out quickly and easily without opening a switch cabinet door or removing a cover. Protect the investment through inspection (inspection) and maintenance, but above all your personnel from unnecessary risks. IR windows can be directly scheduled for new plants and used from initial inspection to cyclic inspections. The IR windows can easily be retrofitted with older systems and can be easily screwed from the front. Again without opening the barrier door.